Words of Encouragement!

Lift Every Student Residency update…The backing for the “Road to Safety Quilt” features 12×12 squares created by Brentwood Elementary parents and families. The squares are covered in encouraging words for the 1st Graders. The students painted patterns and images will be adhered to the squares. “Road to Safety” Quilt Project at Brentwood Elementary. 

Sew Exciting

Today we starting sewing together our “Road to Safety” Quilt that was inspired by the coded messages in old slave quilts. The 1st graders really enjoyed working together on this project. #ArtistinResidence #BrentwoodElementarySchooloftheArts #1stGrade #LiftEveryStudent #ArtsAddUp #HarrietTubman #MoxieMcGriff #superheroes @moreartculture @cathedralartsproject @eriniscreative.co

Creativity is problem-solving!

Today, during my Lift Every Student Residency, the 1st Grade students at Brentwood Elementary learned about Harriet Tubman and how slave quilts were used as maps to the Underground Railroad. They learned about quilt construction >> they used stamping as a way to make patterns >> those patterns will become paper “fabric” >> that “fabric” […]