Today, during my Lift Every Student Residency, the 1st Grade students at Brentwood Elementary learned about Harriet Tubman and how slave quilts were used as maps to the Underground Railroad. They learned about quilt construction >> they used stamping as a way to make patterns >> those patterns will become paper “fabric” >> that “fabric” will be cut down and reassembled to make quilt designs >> those designs will be made with symbols >> those symbols will be keys to a map that they create >> that map will lead them “to safety” from their classroom to the outside (for a fire drill) >> that map made of symbols will be sewn together to make a quilt >> that quilt will be made in the style of a slave quilt >> a slave quilt that Harriet Tubman may have used to transport slaves to safety >> sooooo, the student superheroes will plan, design, and construct a fire drill map depicting several routes to safety the classrooms >> Creativity is problem-solving! 😉☺️👩🏾‍🎨 #lifteverystudent @moreartculture @cathedralartsproject #BrentwoodElementary #SchooloftheArts #artsaddup 

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